Data Protection – What You Need to Know

Data Protection – Everything You Need to Know But Were Afraid to Ask “We thought digital was the new oil, but discovered it is also the new asbestos”- Christopher Graham, former Information Commissioner, 2016. The protection of personal data has become a critical risk area for business, not for profits and charities. The regulator, the [...]

Consumer Rights Act Enhances Customer Rights – Traders Beware!

If you sell goods or services to individual consumers (rather than other businesses), you should be aware that consumer law changed on 1 October 2015, when the Consumer Rights Act came into force. The changes cover: what should happen when goods are faulty unfair terms in a contract what happens when a business is acting [...]

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Employing Staff for First Time? Know Your Legal Duties!

Are you employing staff for the first time? It is vital to understand your legal duties. Starting a new enterprise is an exciting time. In due course you may think about employing staff to help you. It is vital to understand your responsibilities when taking on employees. Time spent getting your paperwork in order could [...]

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Ten Top Tips for Successful Contracts

Effective and enforceable contracts are the lifeblood of any successful enterprise. Contracts with customers, service users, suppliers, employees, landlords, business partners and insurers all make up the matrix of payment flows, risk allocation and risk management tools which allow an enterprise to manage its cash flow, generate surpluses and remain solvent. Properly drafted contracts which [...]

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Late Payment of Invoices – Are You Claiming Your Full Entitlement?

Good cash flow management is essential to any business. Used wisely, Late Payment legislation can help you with cash flow management. Late Payment legislation was introduced in 1998 to encourage a culture of prompt payment. Evidence suggests that late payments are a major continuing problem. A survey by the Federation of Small Business in March [...]

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