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Mark is an experienced commercial solicitor and company secretary working with clients to manage risk, assure compliance and protect their legal position.

Community Interest Company & Community Shares?

Can a Community Interest Company Issue Community Shares? With growing appetite for socially motivated investment and community share offers, is it time to level the playing field for CICs? Community and social enterprises are booming. According to government data, there are now 70,000 social enterprises in the UK contributing £18.5bn to the UK economy and [...]

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Community Share Offers

A new way to raise capital from local citizens to kick start funding for public services and infrastructure? With continuing austerity measures in local authority and NHS budgets, local communities are seeking innovative ways to protect local services and infrastructure as the state decommissions services or withdraws grant funding. Politicians are increasingly having to shift [...]

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How Can the Board Develop an Effective Approach to Risk Management?

Does Your Board Have an Effective Approach to Risk Management? Risk management is a key component of sound corporate governance. There has been a popular view in the past that risk management was a brake on progress: a discipline inhabited by clip-board clutching box tickers intent on stifling entrepreneurial innovation. Not any more – for [...]

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Late Payment of Invoices – Are You Claiming Your Full Entitlement?

Good cash flow management is essential to any business. Used wisely, Late Payment legislation can help you with cash flow management. Late Payment legislation was introduced in 1998 to encourage a culture of prompt payment. Evidence suggests that late payments are a major continuing problem. A survey by the Federation of Small Business in March [...]

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The Pivotal Role of the Chair in Ensuring Good Governance

How can the Chair perform the role effectively to maintain accountability and high performance from the Board? Last time we considered the conditions for a high performance board. A critical player in making the Board effective is the Chair. He or she has a crucial role to play both inside and outside the boardroom. The [...]

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How to Create a High Performance Board

How can you put in place the right systems, structures and processes to ensure that your Board drives success? Any organisation, whether in the private, third sector or public sector is only as good as the people who lead it. Board members have a vital responsibility to define the vision and mission of the organisation, [...]

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What Makes a Successful Joint Venture?

Joint ventures can be a useful route to combine resources and skills, to secure greater market power or better access to markets for SMEs, charities and social enterprises. A new corporate entity can be used to ring-fence more risky trading activities or to develop a distinct brand or business culture outside the strictures of the [...]

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Crafting a Winning Strategy: What’s the Secret Sauce?

One of the key tasks of any Board in the private, not-for-profit or public sector is to create a strategy for their organisation. Strategy is inextricably linked to good governance and effective risk management. The UK Corporate Governance Code at C.1.2: “Directors should include in their annual report an explanation of the strategy for [...]

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Ten Top Tips for Effective Governance

How can you set up your governance systems to achieve results? Corporate governance has received increased attention in recent years as a result of high-profile scandals involving abuse of corporate power and, in some cases, unlawful activity by corporate officers. Governance is all about the way the organisations are directed, controlled and held accountable to [...]

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An Ethics Code for Public Services?

Should private and third sector service providers be subject to the same ethical standards as public officials? That is the view of the Committee on Standards in Public Life in a recent report. The report considers the scope of the public services market – around £187bn is now spent by the public sector on [...]

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