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Mark is an experienced commercial solicitor and company secretary working with clients to manage risk, assure compliance and protect their legal position.

What Does an Effective Audit Committee Actually Do?

Part 1 - Role of the Audit Committee The audit committee makes up one of the three pillars of the Board committee system and forms a critical part of the overall framework of corporate governance for medium to large companies, housing associations, charities, academy trusts and public sector bodies. Experience shows that the role is not [...]

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Top Ten Legal Risks for Enterprise and How to Manage Them

As 2016 dawns, now is a good time to reflect on your business plans for the year ahead. Make some time to consider these legal risks and how you would manage them. A modest investment now could pay handsome dividends later. Get your company structure in order Are you using the optimum legal format for [...]

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Consumer Rights Act Enhances Customer Rights – Traders Beware!

If you sell goods or services to individual consumers (rather than other businesses), you should be aware that consumer law changed on 1 October 2015, when the Consumer Rights Act came into force. The changes cover: what should happen when goods are faulty unfair terms in a contract what happens when a business is acting [...]

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Employing Staff for First Time? Know Your Legal Duties!

Are you employing staff for the first time? It is vital to understand your legal duties. Starting a new enterprise is an exciting time. In due course you may think about employing staff to help you. It is vital to understand your responsibilities when taking on employees. Time spent getting your paperwork in order could [...]

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Ten Top Tips for Successful Contracts

Effective and enforceable contracts are the lifeblood of any successful enterprise. Contracts with customers, service users, suppliers, employees, landlords, business partners and insurers all make up the matrix of payment flows, risk allocation and risk management tools which allow an enterprise to manage its cash flow, generate surpluses and remain solvent. Properly drafted contracts which [...]

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Implementing a Winning Strategy – Practical Tips for Success

One of the key tasks of any Board in the private, not-for-profit or public sector is to create a strategy for their organisation. Crafting and implementing strategy is inextricably linked to good governance and effective risk management. Strategy can be defined as ‘the direction and scope of an organisation over the long-term which achieves advantage in [...]

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Why Managing Conflicts of Interest is Vital to Good Governance – Pt 2

How can conflicts of interest be managed? In the first part of this article, we looked at typical scenarios where conflicts of interest can occur and their possible consequences. In this post, we examine practical strategies for managing them. There are three steps to ensure conflicts are properly managed and undesirable consequences avoided. Identify the [...]

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Why Managing Conflicts of Interest is Vital to Good Governance

In this post we explore how to identify and manage conflicts of interest An effective system of corporate governance for any organisation must be underpinned by the three pillars of transparency, accountability and integrity. The public’s faith in corporate institutions has been repeatedly shaken by wrongdoing, impaired judgements and undue influence. Perceptions can be just [...]

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Trustees’ Duties in Academies & Free Schools

Trustees’ Duties in Academies & Free Schools ‘The landscape of schooling in England has been transformed over the last five years. Academy sponsorship has encouraged and facilitated the contribution of individuals not previously involved in education provision and laid down a challenge to maintained schools to improve or face replacement by the insurgent academy model’- [...]

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Directors’ Duties Under the Spotlight

Directors’ Duties Under the Spotlight “Statutory directors are on duty, responsible and liable twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.. Being a director is not just about what happens around the boardroom table. There is serious work to be done..” – Bob Garratt, The Fish Rots from the Head. Directors of limited companies and [...]

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