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Data Protection – Everything You Need to Know Part 2

Data Protection – Everything You Need to Know But Were Afraid to Ask - Part 2 'It used to be expensive to make things public and cheap to make them private. Now it’s expensive to make things private and cheap to make them public.'- Prof Clay Shirky, NYU. In Part 1, I outlined how the [...]

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How to Choose the Right Legal Structure for Your Enterprise

Choosing the right legal format for your project is a very important decision. From my work with inspiring entrepreneurs, community activists and visionary leaders over the past 21 years, I find there is always a thirst for knowledge about different legal structures and formats that can be used for entrepreneurial activity and community action. Whether you [...]

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The Rights and Responsibilities of Members

What is the Role of Members in Ensuring Good Governance? In a limited liability corporation, as well as unincorporated associations, the members can play an important constitutional role, acting as a check and balance on the powers of the board. Unfortunately, the rights and responsibilities of members are often misunderstood. In our work with companies, [...]

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